4 Easy Ways To Overcome Sadness And Depression


Sadness is part of life, nevertheless it seems that our society is always valuing the joy, enthusiasm, and positive vibration. Sadness and depression , as well as other "negative" feelings have no place in the media, in women's magazines or the conversations of our day to day. But psychologists warn that trying to "delete" this sense of our lives is not good. This is due to the losses, frustrations, misunderstandings, difficulties, shortcomings and many other situations that make us feel discouragement and sadness become normal. But if we deal well with these difficult times, we will be able to become more confident to live fully our potential in life.

Invest in yourself to kill sadness: Take care of your body day by day. Make time for physical activities that give you pleasure and invest in a balanced and healthy diet. If you are overweight - which can contribute to depression in some cases - face the problem and follow a weight loss plan. Also clean and organize your room, as there is nothing more relaxing than seeing everything in its right place; it will definitely make you feel better.


Know yourself better: A good way to overcome sadness is to know your own feelings. You can do this with a journal where you can write many things about you. Reserve 15 minutes for this ritual: go to a quiet and reserved place, with a cup of tea, light a candle or incense and write without censure. This writing freestyle is good to bring out our deepest feelings. When finished, do not read what you wrote immediately. Keep the diary and read it after a few hours or even after a few days. Over time, you will know better your reactions to certain people, situations and feelings, and it will help you cope with problems in life.

Regulate your sleep time:

Waking up and going to bed early, are healthy habits that can scare away the sadness and discouragement. When we go to bed after midnight and wake up with a cup (or two) of coffee, then it is time to review our habits. Poor sleep increases stress and deregulate the hormones, which can trigger anxiety and depression. Wake up early, take a healthy breakfast and do some kind of physical activity that gives you pleasure to ensure an extra dose of energy that will last all day.

Make plans! Having a career plan and cultivating dreams in life makes us feel much more motivated to jump out of bed every morning and fight for our desires. If you "gave up dreaming" because you had frustrations in the past, know that all successful people have had to deal with failures along the way, but never gave up. Set your plans, achievable goals and put to work to achieve them. 

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