Did You Know About The Kuru Disease?


The Kuru fever is one of the most strange diseases in the world. This is because the chance of getting it or developing it is practically zero. To get the Kuru disease, you would have to travel to a remote region in the mountains of New Guinea, find one of the few people with the disease that still exist and simply eat his or her brain. Well, that sounded really cannibal, and you must be wondering who would do such a thing in the 2016; but the bad news is that there are still cannibals on this planet.

The kuru disease is a rare type of disease caused by prions that induce the proteins of brain cells to be altered. This modification of proteins leads to the formation of a different normal brain tissue, resulting in progressive, incurable brain damage. "Kuru" means "laughing sickness" and there's a very good reason to have that name, because the affected people get hysterical fits of laughter. But although it is about laughter, you should know that it's not funny at all.


The Kuru fever occurs only in an isolated tribe of New Guinea. Where is New Guinea? Well, it is an island located in the South West Pacific and there is part of Indonesia and the country Papua New Guinea. The disease emerged in the 50's and quickly wiped out entire villages. Scientists soon discovered that the only way of getting the disease was contaminated through the brain tissue consumption. The tribes practiced cannibalism in funeral rituals, cooking and eating the dead.

Why do these people eat human brains?

These tribes believe that by eating human brains, the spiritual power of the dead goes to them. The women and children, and relatives who eat the brain of the dead person, were the ones getting the kuru disease. When cannibalism was abolished in the region, cases of the disease virtually disappeared. Nevertheless, cannibalism still does exist in the region and although the disease almost disappeared, once in a while, some cases are reported.

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