They Are Soulmates, But Have Tickets To Different Destinations


There is no doubt that chances can create wonderful opportunities that make us find these soulmates, perfect beings, that show us a new way and different views of life. They are souls who are at a time and come to share with us a short fragment of time, months or even unforgettable years. However, as a house of cards, everything is eventually destroyed by the wind. There are impossible loves that make us live perfect fragments, very brief and intense, but from the beginning come with an expiration date.

A life without risk is a life unlived. You may know from the outset that certain experiences can assume a high cost, whether emotional or financial; you can be sure that going out of your comfort zone (what is known and safe) will bring the uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen and for sure you'll make several mistakes. You should take into account that every misstep also teaches you how to get up from the fall and how to walk again with more confidence. 


The same applies to our relations, where no one has a manual about how to be perfect. No one comes to this world destined to be a true guru of love, immune to suffering; therefore, it is worth considering these dimensions. Sometimes there is something within us that tells us that our relationship will not be maintained for a long time, which will bring suffering, that everything will be brief and perhaps even painful. Then, do we commit an error if we risk? Certainly not.

Is it true that there are soulmates?

Perfect love does not exist, it requires work day after day, where people deal with the high costs that a relationship brings and requiring much investment of time and effort. And yet, sometimes love is not the only answer to all problems, nor is the answer to all our questions. It is not even that will fill all our emotional gaps in our soul. There are amazing loves doomed to cause great suffering. The reason? There are many: lack of understanding, selfishness, immaturity of one party or both, also different interests.