This Girl Used To Drink Energy Drinks For 7 Years In A Row, Take A Look How Is Her Body Now


Dion used to be an energy drink addict, today she is going through hell! This girl decided to open up about the serious damage she herself caused as well as of all the problems people could suffer if they drink these beverages in ridiculous amounts.

Scientists have long been warning people about how risky is to consume energy drinks, even in small doses, as these drinks are extremely dangerous for our health. They have high levels of caffeine, which have a negative influence on your blood system.


Energy drinks can lead to serious addiction. Some records state that even heavy drug addicts snort them sometimes, in order to deal with abstinence periods. Health organizations are treating this problem in the same manner as all other addictions.

Dion decided to use the social media to highlight this problem and warn young people about the consequences of drinking these beverages. In the past, Dion used to drink 5 cans of energy drinks a day, currently she has a heart condition and weakness as a result of this addiction.

In recent days, she shared a picture on her facebook page where she wears a holter monitor. Bellow the picture; she explains her condition in detail and advices to all her followers about the risks of consuming these beverages.

She proves the world about the risks of spending childhood drinking energy drinks. Today, Dion wears a huge box and wires as companion for the rest of her life 24/7. She calls out people to think about what they drink before purchasing these drinks. She also warns parents about their children drinking these beverages. She strongly believes these products should be completely banned.

While she was in her addiction, Dion also developed an eating disorder, and she started to lose weight. Even though, she managed to gain weight back again, now she has serious issues regarding food.
Dion had no major health complication while drinking these drinks, just tachycardia and she felt great. 

By the time she had a second miscarriage, doctors discovered problems with her cardiovascular system.