This Si A Perfect Body According To Science, And It´s Not What You Thought It Would Be Like!


It is possible to be the wish of every woman in the world, to have the ideal body, The fact is, this is something that women view in different ways. However, some scientists worked to come up with how the woman body really should look like.

Fashion industry has portrayed the skinny type of body as ideal, but they idealize it because of their creations, which look perfect on a skinny type of body. It’s all about profits. however, science has a completely opposite insight. According to scientists from the University of Texas these are the sizes for the ideal woman body which is 1.68 tall with 99-63-91 bust\hip\weight measurements.


It would be someone like the woman in the pic:

It´s not what you thought, right? Her name is Kelly Brook, a famous 34-year old model from England. Some people use to refer to Brook as “plump,” however, scientists say she has the ideal bod in terms of attractiveness. Mainly because this body shape also frames the most important human trait regarding mating – fertility.

What do we want as part of the species?

As species, our primary function is to have children, and a full body shape like Brook’s means efficiency at doing that. Men are attracted to facial and body treats like Brook’s and they associate them with good health and youth. Research has shown that attraction is cross cultural, according to a study, men from different cultural backgrounds will be attracted to the same type of woman with youthful and healthy characteristics.

Why fashion industry wants skinny models?

“Because the fashion industry is trying to sell clothes,” That is what Jennifer Lee, a top fashion designer said. Fashion models are hired because their skill is to highlight the lines and structure of what they wear, that is why there aren’t many models like Kelly.

Although skinny models rule the catwalk and fashion industry, science has proven that men are attracted to larger sized women. Mainly because, in reproductive terms, being thin is also associated with diseases and health conditions, striking a balance is the key for good health.

Watch the following video to learn more about popular women body types:

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