Why are spiders so scary? Science Explains It


Surely you know someone who is very afraid of spiders, and this phobia is really different to cockroaches, which is more about disgust than fear. Some scientists have done research and found that the fear of spiders may be innate to human beings, and this is something that is born with us. This is because the spiders are an ancient danger to man, and we must keep in mind that our ancestors had to live with these beings of eight legs for really long time., 

By that time, protection against a bite was almost nonexistent. As some species of spiders are poisonous our ancestors had to avoid contact with the "possible killer." The humans in general have a capacity for rapid detection of immediate threats, thanks to learning and ancient mechanisms. This came evolving with time, until we reached the stage we are today. Some relative species of the most poisonous spiders we know today were found in fossils from 40 million years, proving that man has always been afraid of spiders for long. That's the reason we're also afraid of rats and snakes.


But the fear of spiders today is unfounded. Only 200 species of 40,000 known may cause a problem for humans. These species are very few and live in the same environment as us. There is an average of 200 deaths per year caused by spiders, compared to other animals; then it is considered a low number. Yet when tested with images appearing quickly on a computer screen, most people tested reacted negatively when the insect appeared on the screen. Researchers also state that if you are walking and have a needle and a spider on the floor, you will prefer to tread the needle.

What is arachnophobia?

Although many people believe they suffer from arachnophobia, it might not be true. Of course they are scared of spiders; but many people do not understand what a phobia really is. When a person has a phobia, they might have panick attacks, sweat, scream or even faint. Then, the next time you say you are an arachnophobic person, think it twice, as there are people who even need medical and psychological treatment, even medicine to deal with their phobia.

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