Woman Urinated Worms For Three Months And Doctors Discovered This Inside Her...


In an incident that took place in South Carolina, in the United States,doctors reported the strange case of a patient, 50 years old, who went to the hospital complaining of pain and difficulty in urination, and that over the past three months, she had noticed the presence of worms in her urine. The doctors then, asked her to collect a sample of the fluid. According to them, they observed with the naked eye, larvae of up to 0.5 centimeters in length. 

Later, they found that there were flies of the order Diptera, more specifically a type known to cause myiasis condition. The myiasis flies appear when they lay eggs on the body and the larvae infest the urinary tract. This occurs when people drink water sources contaminated with the eggs, or somehow the water makes contact with the eyes, nasal passages and gastrointestinal passage. However, according to doctors, urinary myiasis is very unusual. Typically, this condition is seen only in developing countries or in people whose immune system is compromised.


Soon, they found that the patient had diabetes and had recently moved from Mexico to Charleston, South Carolina. However, she said she had no idea how she had been infected and had that she had not been under any genitourinary procedur. Until then, according to the report, no US citizen had been diagnosed with urinary myiasis before. This is why doctors had to consult medical literature to find a way to handle the case. Thus, they prescribed a drug called ivermectin, commonly used to treat parasitic infections.

What happened to the woman?

A week later, the patient reported that there were no more larvae in her urine and an examination confirmed her healing. In light of the case, doctors still extolled the importance of literature as a reference source for more effective treatments. "A thorough review of the medical literature, before reaching a treatment plan, may have contributed to a successful management of this rare case of urinary myiasis" they wrote. It means that it doesn't matter how advanced we are on technology, good doctors always must recall on the good old bookd of medicine.

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