After Taking HPV Vaccine This Teenager Has Up To 8 Daily Blackouts


Chantele Nielsen, is a 13 girls from East Yorkshire, England. In April this year, she took her vaccine against HPV (human papilloma virus). Since then, she has suffered up to eight blackouts per day, which makes her necessary to use a wheelchair to prevent injury when she collapses. Her mother, Leissa, said that the girl occasionally has uncontrollable sleep spasms, headaches, blurred vision and even memory loss.

Chantele has not attended school for the last four weeks, as officials said not be able to guarantee their safety. The mother, however, is forced to follow all her daughter movements to keep her safe. "I have to walk with her through the house, because I'm afraid she might fall or crack her head on anything". When she suffered the first blackou, Chantele was unable to speak for 14 hours. "She could not remember what day it was or answer any simple math questions", said her mother.


Recently, Leissa created a page to raise funds in order to pay for private tests in Germany in an attempt to discover the cause of the condition and to get treatment for her daughter. "I just want to be a 13-year-old girl with a normal life," said the girl. A brochure of the National Health Service (NHS) on the HPV vaccination claimed that the side effects were "very mild" and that pain, swelling and redness in the arm are common, but do not last more than two days". 

What is going to happen?

Now her mother advises other parents to know more about the vaccination before asking their daughters to take it. "I wish parents were more aware before going ahead with the vaccine". The page for grant funding was made through GoFundMe. In the UK alone, more than 3 million girls between 12 and 13 years have been vaccinated against HPV so far, according to Public Health England. The vaccine protects against cervical cancer, the most common among women aged 15 to 34 years.

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