This Is The Hospital Where They Allow Animals To Visit Their Owners


The Juravinski Hospital in Ontario, Canada, is one of the few medical centers where patients can receive visits not only from their friends and relatives, but they're also allowed to receive visit from their pets. "After all, they are also part of our lives and our hearts" it's what the responsible for this project manifested. These animals are far from causing problems due to the presence of bacteria, and patients recover much earlier than expected. The emotional state  also improves the immune system.

Each animal entering the hospital must pass through a good bath and a disinfection system. Everything is controlled so that dogs and cats can give that much needed dose of joy that every patient wants. The "Companion Pet visitation Program"  was created recently because of a sad and touching story. Donna Jenkins was the director of the Hospital Juravinski, and she had to face the early death of her 25 year old nephew because of a lymphoma.


Before the young man died, he asked Jenkins to let him see his dog, and made her promise that she would make it possible for the other patients to see their pets when they enter the hospital. He told her that few things could bring as much happiness as embrace these dear friends. Since then, the center has created a service through which family members may contact the health protection and social services and schedule a pet visit.

Miracles are seen every day with this new initiative!

This project is funded by the charity "Zachary's paws for healing", bearing the name of the nephew of the director, who died of cancer. It is an alternative for family members to contact and receive all the information and assistance necessary to allow such visits. When patients must face many days of hospitalization, discouragement significantly affects their recovery. Something as simple as a visit from your dog or cat causes endorphin levels to rise, regulates your breathing and speeds recovery.

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